1- What is university preparatory course (Studienkolleg)?

In order to be accepted at a university in Germany, international applicants must possess a secondary school certificate. If they do not have a certificate, that is  equivalent to a German secondary school certificate, international students need to go to a university preparatory course in Germany. There they will be prepared for the assessment test. If they pass the exam, they get a certificate and can apply at any university in Germany for a Bachelor’s degree.

2- Do I need a university preparatory course (Studienkolleg) ?

On the Website of Anabin – you can check if your high-school diploma is accepted in Germany.

3- Can I enroll in Studienkolleg, when my school certificates are accepted for a direct application at german universities?

No, you cannot.

4- What are the admission requirements for a Studienkolleg course?

An important requirement for the enrollment in Studienkolleg is to pass the entrance exam at a public university. The admission for the entrance exam succeeds only if you have good knowledge in German language. Most universities require a B1 certificate in German.

Here you can find the requirements of different universities.

5- What is the application deadline for studienkolleg?

The application deadline depends on the university, where you are applying. Please contact directly the university!

6- How does the entrance exam look like?

Here you can find examples of the previous entrance exams (Aufnahmeprüfung) by different universities.

The entrance exam consists very often of two parts – German language and maths. Some universities require only a test in German language.

7- How many times can I take the entrance exam?

You can repeat the exam as many times as you want. However, you are allowed to have only 24 months for university preparation. 

8- How long does a studienkolleg course take?

At the most universities studienkolleg lasts 2 Semesters. Sometimes you can get admission to an assessment exam after the first semester of an university preparatory course. This depends on your grades in the first semester.

9- Do I have to pass all exam subjects?

Yes. All subjects (for example T-course: german language, physics, maths and chemistry) has to be passed, in order to get a certificate.

10- How many times can I repeat the assessment test (Feststellungsprüfung)?

You can take the assessment exam at the same university only two times.

11- Can I decide if I want to go to an assessment test or begin directly with my professional studies?

No. You cannot decide by yourself. Whether you need to pass an assessment exam or start directly your degree at the university, depends on your high-school diploma.

12- What is the difference between Assessment test and German language exam for University? 

If you enroll in a studienkolleg course, you will not only learn german language, but also different subjects in german language. The assessment test can be only taken by students, who do not have university entrance qualifications. If you fulfill some requirements, you can be exempted from the german language exam at the assessment test. If you pass the assessment test, you will get a university entrance certificate, which you can use for applying for a degree at the university. 

DSH-Prüfung exam can be only taken by students, who have received an university entrance certficate in their country, that is accepted in Germany.

13- Under which circumstances can I be exempted from the German language exam of the assessment test?

If you have one of the following certificates before the assessment test, you can be exempted from the subject „German language“ of the assessment test:

– DSH 2 oder 3
– TestDaF TDN 4
– Goethe C2
– Telc C1 Hochschule
– DSD-Stufe II

14- Do I have to enroll the same subject at the university, that I applied to Studienkolleg for ? 

Not necessarily.  not Nicht unbedingt. It depends on the focus of studying and the degree, that you want to apply for. For example: You are going to a T-course. In the studienkolleg application you specified, that you want to study mechanical engineering. However, after the passed assessment test, you can renew your university application with a new technical subject. 

15- Do I have to study at the same university, where I pass the assessment test ?

No. After a successful passing the assessment test you can apply at any  university (university of applied sciences) with the university entrance certificate.

16- Can I study at a university, if I pass the assessment test at a University of applied sciences (Fachhochschule)? 

No.  The type of the  studienkolleg course at Fachhochschule is specified for students, that want to study at this type of university.

17-  Can I study at a university of applied sciences, if I pass the assessment test at a normal University ?

Yes. The assessment test at a normal university is accepted at all types of universities when applying for a degree. 

18- Is studienkolleg from a private institute accepted by the university?

The private Studienkolleg courses prepare students for passing the assessment test at a public university. After you complete your studienkolleg course, you will take the assessment test as an external participant at a public university.


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